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Golf Tournaments and Major Golf events around the World


Golf PGA Major Tournament and Events

Golf is full of major tournaments and events. All in all there are four events every year that are classified as “Majors”.

There are also some other large golf events that get a lot of exposure and are great for betting purposes.

The Masters:

This golf tournament is the first of the four “major” tournaments on the PGA schedule each and every year.

The Masters is scheduled for the first week of April and is held at Augusta National Golf Club each and every year.

The thing most people remember about the Masters is that the winner of the tournament is awarded a “green jacket”.

U.S. Open:

The U.S. Open is the 2nd “major” golf tournament of the year in the United States.

This golf tournament is played in mid June and gives you some summer fun and golf betting opportunities.

PGA Championship:

The PGA Championship is another one of the major golf tournaments that happens each year.

This tournament is located at various and different courses each and every year. This tournament is played mid to late August.

The British Open:

Established in 1860, the Open Championship is the oldest of golf's major tournaments and is especially known for its great tradition.

Held in July, this tournament usually takes place on one of nine different courses in Scotland and England.