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American Football and NFL Trivia  


A selection of NFL Trivia and Facts;

American Football, NFL, officially overtook Baseball in 1965 as Americas favourite sport and pastime.

Walter Camp is considered the forefather of NFL football as we know it today.

"The Greatest Game ever Played". This accolade goes to the 1958 championship game which was played on the 28th December 1958 in the Yankee Stadium in New York. It was a playoff between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants. The game was a close one and went into sudden death overtime. The final score was Baltimore Colts 23 and the New York Giants 17.

"Soldier Field" is the oldest NFL stadium still in use in NFL football. The original structure was built in 1924, and had a seating capacity of 74,000. The majority of the structure as we know it today was built during the 2000's. "Soldier Field" is currently home to the "Bears".

The Super Bowl is the most watched televised event in the United states.

In the 2015 championship, instead of naming it Super Bowl L with Roman numerals like in previous Super Bowls, the game was called the Super Bowl 50. As it was decided that for marketing purposes the letter L was not great for marketing!

In 1962 CBS paid $4.65 million for the rights to televise and broadcast the first NFL games.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio was founded on the 17th September, 1920 and first opened its doors in 1963.

At 94 years of age, Ed Sabol became the oldest person to be added to the Hall of Fame.

Frank Reich is the only quarterback that has an undefeated record on multiple playoff starts.

Paul Krause holds the record for 81 interceptions.

Jerry Rice holds the record of 197 receiving touchdowns.

Steve Young is the only left handed quarterback in the Hall of Fame.

Darrell Green has the highest defensive score, he played in 295 games.

Football helmets only became compulsory gear in 1939.

College juniors were not eligible for NFL draft until 1990.

In NFL a team has gone from worst to first in every season since 2002!

Marty Schottenheimer is mentioned and named in Eminem's 1999 hit song "Just don't give a ****".

The hides of 600 cows are needed for the leather to make just one seasons NFL footballs.

NFL cheerleaders make between $50 and $75 dollars a game.

The average age of a NFL cheerleader is 25.

NFL Super Bowl Food Facts;

  • After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl has the highest rate of food consumption on any one day.

  • Over the Super Bowl weekend over 50 million cases of beer are consumed

  • 1,25 Billion chicken wings, 8 million lbs. (3,6 million kg) of guacamole (avocado), 2,5 million lbs. (1,2 million kg) of nuts, 4 million lbs. (1,8 million kg) of Pretzels and a staggering 11 million lbs. (5 million kg) of chips are eaten.

  • Pizza and chicken wings are the most popular foods.

American Football Movies

Some great movies that have been made on the sport of American Foltball are;

  • Any Given Sunday - 1999 - starring Al Pacino, Oliver Stone and Cameron Diaz.

  • Remember the Titans - 2001 - starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Hurst and Ryan Gosling.

  • Friday Night Lights - 2004 - starring Peter Berg and David Aaron Cohen.

There have been 217 father to son continuations playing in the NFL.

Did you know that 35% of NFL replay reruns get overturned.

An amazing occurance is that 78% of NFL football players go bankrupt 2 years after their retirement.

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