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Golf Betting Types, the different types of bet you can play and place on Golf


Golf bet types. Golf betting is a little different to other sports, due to the nature of golf tournaments which take 4 days to complete, there really isn’t a lot of fast paced betting action to be had.

Typically, there are just a couple types of golf sport bets  you can make before and during a golf tournament. Here are the most commom golf betting types;

Golf Betting Types

Bet on a golfer to win the tournament :

The most common form of golf betting happens before the tournament begins.

Odds are placed on every golfer (or nearly every one) in the field. At this point you can choose to bet on which golfer you think will win the tournament.

For example, if Phil Mickelson was 15/1 to win the tournament, you could wager £20 and if he won the tournament you would win £300.

Bet on two golfers heads up :

For the most part, a golf tournament does not feature any “head to head” matchups. It’s every golfer for himself and the golfer with the lowest score wins.

 A lot of times the Sportsbook will set lines between some of the top golfers and allow you to bet on them. This acts similarly to a spread or Moneyline bet in other sports.

 Assume that Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods were both in the same tournament. There may be a line out there that says, “Phil Mickelson +150 vs. Tiger Woods –170 for the tournament”. You would then bet on which of these two golfers performed best.

 Most of the Sportsbooks will open up these bets on a round by round basis as well. So a bet like the one above could be placed for just round 3 for instance.

These are really the only two forms of golf betting that are very popular. There are typically no over/under bets or prop bets in the game of golf.

Have a look at the top sportsbooks where bets on golf can be placed and enjoyed. Have a look at the top tournaments that are played in golf. If you want to find out a little more about the sport check out our pages on it's history, golf trivia and famous golf players.

Enjoy your Golf betting!