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Famous Tennis Players ... Tennis Personalities

Famous Tennis Players;

Tennis is a great sport that has created many famous sport players and legends which have ignited both our imaginations and hearts. They have entertained us, shocked us and taken our breaths away. Some with their outrageous outfits, others with colorful language and gesticulations, some for incredible shots and achievements over the years, whatever it is you remember these famous players for they all have one thing in common they are all GREAT Tennis players.

We have compiled a list of some of the famous and best that have played the game of Tennis and give you a brief overview of their careers. (in order of birth)

Fred Perry- Famous tennis player

Fred Perry- Born May 18, 1909, Stockport.

He won the men's singles in 1934, 1935 and 1936 and was the last English men's tennis player to win Wimbledon. Fred Perry was also a member of Britain's winning Davis Cup team from 1933 to 1936. He is to this day the last British winner of the Wimbledon Men's singles.

Rod Laver a famous tennis player

Rod Laver- Born August 9, 1938, Rockhampton.

Winning the career Grand Slam is a tremendous achievement, winning the Grand Slam in the same year is just as sensational, to do it twice, well that is just what the famous Rod Laver achieved. Rod Laver holds the record for most singles titles won in the history of tennis, with 200 career titles.

Billie Jean King - A famous tennis player

Billie Jean King - Born Nov 22, 1943, Long Beach.

Billie Jean King won a total of 39 Grand Slam titles through out her career; this includes 12 singles, 16 doubles and 11 mixed doubles titles. Billie Jean famously dominated women's tennis for more than a decade in the 1960s and 1970s. A huge player in her own right but she will always be remembered for beating Bobby Riggs in that game.

Jimmy Connors- a famous tennis player

Jimmy Connors - Born September 2, 1952, East St.

In 1974 this famous hunky tennis player won three grand-slam tennis tournaments, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon, but was barred from the French Open. Known for his aggressive play and fiery temper, he won the Wimbledon and U.S. doubles titles in 1975, the Wimbledon singles in 1982, and the U.S. singles in 1976, 1978, 1982, and 1983.

Chris Evert - famous tennis player

Chris Evert - Born Dec 21, 1954, Fort Lauderdale.

Chris is famous for her long-standing battle for female supremacy with Martina Navratilova - Chris Evert was one of the true greats of the game.

Bjorn Borg a famous tennis player

Bjorn Borg - Born June 6, 1956, Stockholm.

What more can be said about the 'Ice Man?' - This famous man completely dominated the French Open and Wimbledon in the late 70s and his battles on Centre Court with John McEnroe have gone down in history. Former World No 1. Between 1974 and 1981 he won 11 Grand Slam singles titles. He won five consecutive Wimbledon singles titles and six French Open singles titles.

Martina Navratilova - a famous tennis player

Martina Navratilova - Born Oct 18, 1956, Prague.

The famous Czech star was one of the true greats of the game. Winning the career Grand Slam is just the tip of her extraordinary achievements. A former World No. 1, Billie Jean King said about Navratilova in 2006, "She's the greatest singles, doubles and mixed doubles player who's ever lived."

John McEnroe - A famous tennis player

John McEnroe - Born Feb 16,1959, Wiesbaden

John won seven Grand Slam singles titles, nine Grand Slam men's doubles titles, and one Grand Slam mixed doubles title.
If people know tennis then they'll know John McEnroe. One of the games most famous and prominent characters known for entertaining the crowds with his temper and outrageous comments and a great player to boot.

Boris Becker - A famous tennis player

Boris Becker - Born November 22, 1967, Leimen.

The famous German ace may of been caught up in off the court controversy but he is a Wimbledon Champion. He has also won many other tournaments and was even a team captain on the BBC comedy show called 'They think its all over'.

Steffi Graf - famous tennis player

Steffi Graf - Born June 14, 1969, Mannheim.

The famous German tennis star - now wife of fellow tennis great, Andre Agassi, who was the dominant player of the 1990s.

Andre Agassi - a famous tennis player

Andre Agassi - Born April 29, 1970, Las Vegas.

A famous winner of the career Grand Slam and one of the most loved players of his generation. Life wasn't too hard for Andre Agassi in the 90s but his comebacks from the dips in his career were heart warming to watch.

Pete Sampras - a famous tennis player

Pete Sampras - Born August 12, 1971, Potomac.

Pistol Pete was just the best grass court player, and not only of the modern era. If you managed to beat this guy on grass then quite simply you were lucky enough to meet him on an off-day - there is no other explanation. A Former world no. 1, during his 14-year tour career, he won 14 Grand Slam singles titles and became recognized as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Goran Ivanisevic - a famous tennis player

Goran Ivanisevic - Born September 13, 1971, Split.

Goran won Wimbledon in 2001. It is one of, if not the best story in modern tennis. Goran famously lifted the Wimbledon trophy after being given a wildcard to play in the tournament in the Monday Final - what an epic match.

Monica Seles - a famous tennis player

Monica Seles - Born December 2, 1973, Novi Sad.

Monica Seles became a famous teen tennis sensation in 1990, when she won the French Open at age 16 and then became the world's number-one ranked female tennis player. Seles was known for her aggressive game and for the distinctive grunts that she made with nearly every shot. Her career came to an abrupt halt at a 1993 match when she was stabbed in the back. Her career was interrupted by this horrific attack on her whilst on court - Monica Seles was still one of the very best of her day.

Tim Henman - a famous tennis player

Tim Henman - Born September 6, 1974, Oxford.

England's very own famous Tiger Tim never won a Grand Slam event, but every summer he put the British public through the wringer with his antics at Wimbledon. A former British number one. Henman played a volley-and-serve style of tennis that suited the grass courts of Wimbledon.

Venus Williams - a famous tennis player

Venus Williams - Born June 17, 1980, Lynwood.

With just six singles wins in Grand Slam play - Venus trails behind her sister in this category. However she is just as good a player and is lethal on the fast surfaces. As of 25th January 2016 she is ranked no 10 in the WTA.

Martina Hingis - a famous tennis player

Martina Hingis - Born September 30, 1980, Kosice.

"The Swiss Miss" was a famous star as a youngster and then came back to be a star yet again. Martina spent a total of 209 weeks as World No. 1. She also won five Grand Slam singles titles. She was a terrific player on all surfaces, her position in the all-time female greats should not be overlooked.

Roger Federer - famous tennis player

Roger Federer - Born August 8, 1981, Basel.

The famous Swiss superstar has put together a very good and convincing case to claim to be the best who has ever played - and he is still in his prime. In 2014 he won more tour matches than anybody else and yet failed to take a single Grand Slam title. His current ranking with the WTA as of 25th Jan 2016 is No 3.

Serena Williams - a famous tennis player

Serena Williams - Born Sept  26, 1981, Saginaw.

Serena just like her also famous sister Venus is a top player in the game today. To this day she has a whopping 64 wins in WTA singles tournaments. The Women's Tennis Association has ranked her World No. 1 in singles on five separate occasions. As of Jan 2016 she is the current No 1 player and this is her 5th No 1 season, the previous years being (2002, 2009 and 2013, 2015)

Rafael Nadal - a famous tennis player

Rafael Nadal - Born June 3, 1986, Manacor.

Rafael Nadal is the one man who seems to have the capability to take Roger Federer to the brink even when the Swiss star is at 100%. A Spanish professional tennis player and a former world no. 1. As of  the 25th January 2016, Nadal is ranked no. 5 by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Nadal is a fine player whose famed rivalry with Federer keeps fans riveted to the game.

Maria Sharapova - a famous tennis player

Maria Sharapova - Born April 19, 1987, Nyagan.

Maria Sharapova started playing tennis at the age of 4. This Russian born tennis star currently lives in Florida, USA. She turned pro in 2007. She is right handed and has a two handed backhand. She is also a fantastic business woman.  In 2014 she became the most liked player, either man or woman on facebook with over 15 million followers. Maria was ranked in Jan 2015 as the No 2 WTA player.

Novak Djokovic - a famous Tennis player 

Novak Djokovic - Born May 22, 1987, Belgrade.

Novak Djokovic is ranked the current world No 1 champion as of the 25th January 2016. Born in Begrade Serbia. Novak turned professional in 2003. He resides in Monte-Carlo, Monaco and he got married in July 2014. He is a versatile player. He began playing tennis at the age of 4 and turned pro when he was 16. He plays with a double handed backhand. His nickname is Nole.