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About Play Sport Bet ... About us

About Play Sport Bet

Established in 1997, and working on and with the internet for 18 years, the members behind the team that bring you this website have many years of experience online and have become as a result, well, quite offay with the internet.

Sports betting was not part of our scope way back in those early days, our focus was on tourism.(connect the dots here!) Then in 2006 we watched with excitement as sports betting sites and sports books began popping up like mushrooms on the internet, and this, is how, we first got involved as sport bettors ourselves!

 We enjoy the dynamic world of Sports and sport betting and made a decision to build this site to show others, like yourself, the reputable sports books out there. We learnt many lessons in those early days, some of them were pretty tough too. We want to assist you in making decisions by making use of our considerable knowledge, so you don't have to go through the growing pains we did. Besides this, we really enjoy our sport betting and the worlds that revolve around these exciting avenues of entertainment. It is something we have a passion for and wanted to share it with others, this is how and why Play Sport Bet was created.

Playing and placing bets on your favourite sports team or sport for fun or more serious winnings should be both easy and convenient .......

Play Sport Bet is all about just this .... this easy to use site provides information and reviews on internationally renowned sportsbooks from which to play and place your sporting bet, as well as providing the latest sport happenings, results, odds and tips, bets, history, trivia, famous sports people, and main events on your favourite sports.

Play Sport Bet focuses on the sports of   Soccer,    American Football (NFL),     Rugby,      Golf,      Cricket,      Formula One,      Horse Racing    and  Tennis . We also have a page  other sports  that lists many more sports, as well as some of the interesting and strange bets you can place online.

Through our close relationships with the industries major sportsbook betting sites, we are in a unique position to be able to provide our international players with the highest service and best betting options and sport betting promotions possible online.

Play Sport Bet is committed to providing our visitors with a unique, rewarding and hopefully extremely profitable experience. We focus on the best there is out there and currently online. The Sport books and sites that we give you information on are all of the most established, with the best of reputations. We will never post or recommend anything that we do not consider the crème de la crème of the sports betting world. We, would not take a chance with the many other betting sites and sports books out there that have not built a solid reputation and that are not well established, and likewise, we would not expect you to either, so we don't even mention them on our web site.


Click on any of the links to the various sportbooks you see on our pages, or go to the home page by clicking here to chose a sportsbook and they will take you through to the main page of the site where you can register on the sportsbook website and play.

All you need to play is your email address and a credit card, there are many other different payment options open to you as well. Then simply choose your chosen sport and place your bet in a secure and safe environment.

 Our goal is to make you more knowledgeable on our chosen sports and an informed bettor.

We hope you enjoy play-sport-bet. Explore the site, have a look at the information we bring to you as well as the comprehensive reviews on each of the Sports books. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to choose where to start your sport betting online.

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Please feel free to if you are not sure of anything, and if we can assist you, we will or if you feel there is something you would like to see us add to our site.

We wish you every success in your sports betting online.