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Formula One betting types ... the different types of bet that can be placed on F1


The Betting types in F1 . There are several types of common Formula One bets that you can play or place a bet on. You can bet on who will qualify for a particular race, who will win a race outright, or you can bet on the championship races (driver or constructor). Below, let's have closer look at each of these betting options, in addition to a few more.

Qualifying Bets:

In Formula One, drivers have to qualify for their starting position in the race. This occurs the day before the F1 race and provides you with an opportunity to place a bet on qualifying and the pole positions. You can also bet on qualifying times.

Individual Winner Wagers:

This is a bet on who will win a race. It is possible to place a bet both ways. The latter is a lower paying bet. If you bet on this you are eligible for 1/5th of the winning odds if the driver places in the top.

Top Scoring Constructor

This bet is based on which constructor will accumulate the most points at a particular formula one race. The Top Score Constructor bet is a common one.

Championship Bets:

There are several bets of this type that can be placed. A person can bet on who will win the World Drivers Championship. It is also possible for you to bet each way. However, if a you do the latter, the payouts will be less. Often, this amount is for 1/3 of the win odds. A person will win that amount if their driver comes in first or second place. It is also possible to bet on the Constructors championship (Formula 1 World Constructors Championship). However, you can only bet one way.

Podium Finish:

This bet is on a particular formula one driver finishing in the top 3.

Points Finish:

This is a bet that a driver will finish in the top 8.

Fastest Lap Time:

This is a bet on the F1 driver who will have the fastest lap of the day.

Safety Car:

This bet is on whether or not the Safety car will be needed or deployed.

Number of Finishers:

This is a bet on how many cars will complete in a particular formula one race.

Winning Distance:

This allows you to place a bet on how far ahead the winner will finish. This bet is measured in seconds.

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So ... there you have it all the basic types of bets you can place on F1 and begin making some great betting choices on this fantastic and exciting sport of Formula 1 motor racing.

Enjoy your F1 betting!