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Top sports books for betting on American Football and the NFL


Betting on any sport online can be confusing as there are so many sports books out there. We have put together the top sports books that have good reputations are well known and that offer good betting odds and bonuses on the sport of American Football and the NFL.

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Sports books and betting on the NFL

Every online sports book in the world offers NFL betting markets, so NFL bettors are given a choice of hundreds of online sports books. Picking a sports book to bet on football can be a confusing and daunting process especially for newer bettors who are unfamiliar with online NFL betting markets or pricing. Well, don't panic, we are here to help you make a good choice. The NFL’s popularity has escalated tremendously in the past ten years. A very large reason for the NFL’s rise to one of the biggest sports in the world is through sports gambling. The league’s billion dollar stadiums have partly been paid for by TV deals and millions and millions in advertising dollars. These, in turn, have received high ratings because of the massive amounts betted and spent on the NFL each year by us, the man on the street. This happens both off-shore, online, in the regulated land based sport books in the USA and through illegal bookmakers that are spread across the USA. So, have a good look at the above sports books that we have given you and make sure to read through the reviews we have given you on each of them as well before making your betting choices.

The growth of NFL betting markets

Anyone who is serious about NFL wagering bets online. The availability of a variety of markets and the opportunity to line shop for the best price is a top priority for bettors who want to maximize their earnings. Only in the past few years have betting markets for the NFL gown so rapidly. It is by far the most betted on sport by America. What was once a limited and simple choice of straight bets on sides and totals, coupled with the ability to bet parlays and teasers has been now expanded into a massive list of varied betting markets. Bettors can now place bets on virtually any aspect of the game, from half-time bets, quarter bets, pleasers to proposition bets and futures.  

Live betting or in-play wagering is the latest form of betting available for NFL bettors. Using the live betting platforms offered by the sports books, players can bet in real-time with up to the minute odds as the game is taking place. A hugely exciting development and all thanks to technology.

Finding an NFL Sports book

Choosing the best sports book for your betting needs depends on what kind of bettor you are. If live betting is a must have, it would benefit you to pick a book that has the best live betting options and one that offers a good interface. If you are a parlay or teaser bettor, be sure to check your prospective book first for the best parlay & teaser odds. The amount you bet will be a priority as well. Many sports books cater for recreational bettors and may limit the amounts that you can place on a bet. If you are looking to place relatively large bets or hedge your bets, do try to make sure the book offers large enough betting limits to make this possible. If you want to play or gamble at an online casino or enjoy an occasional game of online poker, many of the larger sports books offer these options as well, and in fact all of the above listed sports books do offer these facilities.

Placing NFL Wagers at Online Sports books

Placing a bet at an online sports book is straightforward and simple to do, but if you as a new bettor have never placed a bet online before you may be a little apprehensive about doing so. Don't stress too much, as it is a relatively painless process and placing a bet online can be done in just a few seconds. The first step is finding your betting market and choosing your betting selection. Players can choose from a number of sides and totals and easily link together bets on multi-leg bets such as parlays or teasers. Have a look at our American football and NFL betting type page. After you have chosen your selections and betting type, you will need to enter an amount for your bet. Here is an example: Oakland Raiders +3.5 (-110)  Wagering $220.00 to win $200.00. When placing a bet, online sports books will always list the player’s stake and the potential win of their wager(s). In this example, the bettor is betting on the underdog Oakland Raiders +3.5 and risking $220 to win $200. After you have entered your bet amount and placed your wager, you will be asked again to confirm your bet. Even the most experienced bettors can make mistakes, so be sure to check over your bet again before finally hitting the confirm button. If you happen to realize that you have made a mistake after hitting the confirm button, our advice is to call the sports book or use live chat support to speak with the sports book as quickly as possible. It is purely dependent on the specific sports book if they will cancel or amend the bet and this can depend on management’s discretion. If the game has already started, your chances of altering our bet will be remote, if not impossible.


Every online sports book offers players a welcoming or first deposit bonus when you make your first real money deposit. In addition bonuses may be offered to clients in the form of reload bonuses, these are normally available to all players. Bonuses are normally offered via free play wagers which are risk-free bets for bettors using the bonus amount. They must be cleared or “rolled over” a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. For instance, if a bettor deposits $250 and receives a 50 percent deposit bonus, the bettor will receive $125 in free play. With a rollover of 8x, the bettor must wager $1,000 before the bonus amount can be withdrawn. While this may seem like quite a large amount of betting in order to withdraw the bonus, remember, that the $1,000 counts towards both winning and losing bets.  

Promotional contests or added bonuses are also helpful extras. Sports books are constantly running promotions for NFL bettors at the beginning of the season, the start of the playoffs and for the Super Bowl. Please make sure you read the fine print on these promotion opportunities as they do have terms and conditions attached to them.

Be alert to the possibility of scam and rouge sports books.

A final word of warning, the start of the NFL season represents a huge increase in bets and betting for online sports books, but this also brings out the worst of the betting industry. New sports books suddenly appear each autumn (fall) and start accepting deposits from bettors. Don't get us wrong, we are not saying that all of these sports books operators are dishonest, but some of them are. We recommend that you stick to sports books we review on this site, or to those that have a long track record of good standing and are trusted within the online betting industry. Many of these rogue or scam sports books are unlicensed and are simply “deposit-only” operations. Just because they look good and have live chat support, incredible odds and offer terrific deposit bonuses does not mean they will pay your winnings on time. When it comes down to brass tacks, and at the end of the day, this is the most important factor. 

In Conclusion  

Betting the NFL online (or on any sport) is not something new, it has been a favourite pastime of many bettors out there for nearly a decade now, well, online betting anyway. Land based betting goes back many more years. While it can be as simple as signing up for an account, choosing your bet and depositing spending a short time on a little bit of research can make the world of difference to your NFL sport betting earnings.

Enjoy your NFL online betting and we wish you many hours of pleasure, excitement and lucrative ones too!