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Tennis Major Events for 2018


Grand Slam Events and Betting

The Grand Slam is a term coined for the four major annual major events and tennis tournaments:

While you can play bets live on tennis throughout the season, the four Grand Slam events are the major highlights of the tennis betting season. All of the top tennis players are present for these important tournaments, and there are likely to be more bets offered on these matches than during lesser events. Additionally, there is more TV coverage during the periods of the Grand Slam tournaments, so you will be more able to watch the matches you have placed a bet on and cheer your chosen player home.

The list below highlights the four major Tennis events during the tennis calendar.

  • Australian Open

  • The Australian Open is held in Melbourne Park, Melbourne every January. The tournament used to be held on grass until 1987 until it changed to hard courts in 1988. This event usually experiences very hot weather as it is in the middle of the Australian summer. Historically, the Australian Open has been known for providing surprising upsets because some of the players may be a bit rusty coming out of the off-season. The more physically fit the players are, they are usually more adept at handling the hot conditions on the courts in Melbourne.  
    2018 Dates : 10th January - 28th January 2018

  • French Open 

  • The French Open is held at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris every May. The French Open is the only tournament to be held on clay courts and is one of the most sought after titles to win.
    A totally different game to the ones played on hard courts, clay court tennis strongly favors those who grew up on it and they play with a very specific style. When betting on clay court tennis, be sure to favour the players with a strong background on clay courts and tend towards betting on them over the highly ranked players that don’t enjoy playing on the dirt as much.  
    2018 Dates : 27th May - 10th June 2018

  • Wimbledon

  • Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It is held at the All-England Club in London and has been played there since 1877. The tournament is held in on grass courts over two weeks in July and is generally considered as the most prestigious tournament to win. Wimbledon follows hot on the heels of the French open. Wimbledon is the crown jewel of the tennis calendar, being rich in tradition and history and if you gave most players the option of entering just one tournament for the year, Wimbledon would most probably be their choice. For a player to excel at Wimbledon a player requires a big serve and solid ground strokes to back it up.
    2018 Dates;  2nd - 15th July 2018

  • US Open

  • The US Open, held in Flushing Meadows, New York, has been running since 1881 and is held during the last weeks of  August and into early September. The US Open is a hard court tournament and ends off the Grand Slam season. Like the Australian open the US open can also be subject to hot conditions, the difference is that players are at the top of their form. You can expect the top ranked players to normally excel at the US Open. 
    2018 Dates;  27th August - 9th September 2018

Tennis players and the fans alike organise themselves around the playing of the four Grand Slam events.

By understanding the unique characteristics of all of the Grand Slam tournaments, you can maximize an advantage when placing your bets. Take some time to study the players form and conditions before each particular grand slam event, and you will be likely to do well in your Tennis betting.

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