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Rugby Betting Types;

Today, Rugby has become one of the most popular sports to place bets on.

In countries such as South Africa, the UK, New Zealand, England and Australia it is an extremely popular game and certainly dominates the sports in most of these countries.

It is not yet that big in the United States, where other sports such as baseball still dominate.

If you are interested in betting on Rugby you will find a wide variety of interesting and different sport bets that can be placed on this exciting game.

Rugby Betting Types


This is a bet on the number of points one rugby team will beat the other by.


A futures is a bet on the outcome of a major rugby tournament.

Season Points:

Individuals that make this bet will be betting on how many points a rugby team will score in a single season.

First Try Scorer:

This is a bet on which person will be the first to score the first try.
You can also bet on the team to score the first try as well.

Outright Winner:

The Outright Winner is a bet on which rugby team will win a tournament or game.

Match Betting:

This is one of the most simple and common rugby bets.
This is a bet on the outcome of a rugby match.
Individuals can choose a team to win or bet that they will tie.

Total Points:

A person making this bet will be wagering on how many final points total, two competing rugby teams will score in a match.

Last Try Scorer:

This is a bet on who will be the last player (or rugby team) to score a try.

Placing Rugby Bets Online

Today there are many online betting sites that make it a simple and easy thing to place your bet on your favourite rugby team for the upcoming game, we have given you and reviews of the top sportsbooks for playing and placing your rugby bet online, click through to them here, and claim your bonus.

 Enjoy your rugby betting.