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Soccer Betting types and odds ... types of soccer bets and odds on soccer


There are a variety of soccer betting types available and not every sportsbook will offer the same bets and odds.

If you come across a bet that you are unfamiliar with, you should contact someone at that particular sportsbook to find out more about it. The larger sports betting sites tend to have a pretty responsive customer service.

 Soccer Betting Types

The following are a few of the most common soccer bets.

Most bookmakers and sports books will offer at least these bets;

Money line Bet:

The Money line bet is a straight bet.

Bettors bet on the result of a particular match.

Bettors can bet on which teams will win or that the game will end in a tie.

Over/Under Bet:

This is a bet placed on the total number of points that both teams will score in a match.

The bookmaker will list a figure and you can then bet that the actual score will be more than that figure (over) or less then (under) it.

Many sportsbooks will avoid using whole numbers so that you cannot guess the exact score.

Prop Bet:

Prop bets are a catch all.

These are all of the bets that a particular sportsbook can come up with.

They are often Money line bets and may include anything from which a player will score to the most points with which the goalie or goal keeper will save the last goal.

In most countries today around the world Soccer it is their most loved sport, although not in absolutely every country. One of the most notable exceptions is the United States, where American football, basketball and baseball still reign supreme.

Because so many people play and watch soccer, betting on this sport today has become the "norm", with just about every sportsbook in the world offering bets on soccer and it's matches and games.

We have picked out four of the Worlds top soccer betting sportsbook sites for you to explore and place your soccer bet with.

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Betting on soccer can be tricky as there is a ton of competition out there and many experienced soccer bettors. Have a look at our soccer betting tips page to give yourself a better advantage. This being said it is also an extremely exciting sport to bet on and placing a small bet on your favorite player, the final score outcome can take the excitement of the game to tremendous heights.

Enjoy your Soccer betting !