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Types of Tennis bets ... Tennis Betting Online


Tennis is an international sport that draws betting from all over the world. Casual bettors bet on their favorite players, and this game gives professionals plenty of opportunity to find value in some good bets and odds.

In the early stages of a tennis tournament when unknown players are still in the draw, matches tend to be very predictable. While the odds can be lopsided, you can make good money in the early rounds. Later in a tournament, odds tighten up as the matches become more competitive. Money can be made here too, but you need to put in more time into your betting research.

Tennis Betting Types

Below we’ll show you some of the most common ways and types of bets to bet on tennis, and provide some tips to help you become profitable.

Betting on Match Winners

This is the simplest type of tennis betting, simply choose which player will win a match. The most important part of betting on individual matches is trying to get the best odds available. Handicappers that take their tennis betting seriously need to have funded at several of the best betting sites, then compare odds at each of them.

Roger Federer: 5/4
Rafael Nadal: 4/7

In this scenario, a $5 profit would be won for every $4 wagered on Roger Federer. For Nadal, every $7 wagered would result in a $4 profit.


Set Betting

In set betting, your job is to pick the exact result of a tennis match, based on sets won by each player.

EG: Will player A beat player B 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2?
Will player B beat player A 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2?

These bets can offer very enticing odds.
If you’re going to play set betting, make sure to do your research first.
Like what is the head-to-head record between these two players? How close have their previous matches and match scores been?
Does the #42 player in the world give the #3 player fits? Find all this out before for instance placing your bet on the #3 to wipe out the #42 in straight sets.


Tennis Futures Bets

In tennis, most futures bets are bets taken where you choose who you think will win the tournament.

  •  For most ATP & WTA tennis tournaments, futures odds are posted roughly a week before the tournament begins.

  • For the Grand Slam Tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open), most bookmakers and sportsbooks offer futures betting months in advance.

Some sports betting sites also offer futures bets for the end-of-year #1 ranked player. (During the years where there isn’t one particular player who is dominating, these can be difficult bets to win.)
Also keep in mind that injuries can, and do play a big part in the rankings, but injuries are completely unpredictable.


Tennis Prop Bets

Tennis is a great sport for people that like to bet on props. This is mainly due to all the numbers used in tennis. Numbers are used for every point, game, set and match, so it’s easy for betting sites and sportsbooks to come up with a high volume of props.
For big tournaments, some online sportsbooks will offer dozens, or even hundreds of prop bets.

Some typical tennis prop bets:

  • Head-to-head matchups - which player will last the longest in a tournament.
  • 1st set game score.
  • Will there be a tie-break in the match? Yes or No?
  • What round will player A be eliminated in?
  • Total number of games played in a match.

Tennis Parlay Bets

Tennis parlay bets are wagers where multiple players (2+) are selected to win their matches and put onto a single ticket. For the ticket to win, every player selected must win. If any player on the ticket loses, the entire bet is lost.

In tennis, parlay betting is most popular during the early rounds when there are a lot of uneven matches. When a top tennis player is playing an unknown, it’s not uncommon to see odds as bad as 1/200. Who wants to wager $200 to win $1? Nobody. So, to get better on odds on these types of matches, a lot of bettors will parlay multiple, big favorites. 


Live Betting 

For the same reasons that prop bets are popular in tennis, live betting is popular as well.
While the match is being played, you can bet on almost anything. Which player will win the next point? Which player will win this game? Will player A record an ace during this game?

The online sportsbooks also offer mobile betting, which means you can place live bets (in-play) while you watch the match from the stands, which is great fun.