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Golf Betting Tips and Tricks


When it gets down to brass tacks, betting on golf can sometimes be really challenging.

On any given day, any golfer could have the round of his or her life and win a tournament.

There are a huge amount of different factors that go into golf betting.

Below we have listed just a few of the betting strategies and tips you should follow when placing a bet on the game of golf.

While Tiger Woods held the top rankings at no 1 for a total of 860 weeks (world record), and Tiger held the no1 spot for golf in 2013. He has since fallen out of the top 10 rankings and others have replaced him.

As of February 2016 the three golfers holding the top positions are;

No 1; Jordan Speith of the USA.

No 2; Rory McIIroy of Northern Island.

No 3; Jason Day of Australia.

Rory McIlroy has been talked about as the most exciting new comer in the world of golf and that he has the potential to become on of the worlds higest earners in terms of endorsements. He was ranked No1 in 2014 and is a fierce competitor for this spot.

Watch out for and get to know the top ranked golfers as they are often a good bet although your odds may be smaller.

Many people people want to place bets on other golfers and feel it is a good play because their odds are so good.

Know how the field has performed at a particular golf course in the past:

Some golfers have better track records at different golf courses than other players.

Do some research and find out which of the golfers play this particular course well.

If you fancy betting on a particular golfer and they haven’t played the course before, find similar courses with similar conditions and see how the golfer did on those courses.

Find out the golf weather conditions (especially the wind):

Some golfers can hit the ball a mile while others play a shorter game.

If the wind is gusting or if there are rainy golf play conditions, this could also play a huge part in which golfer to bet on. Likewise, if the greens are wet or dry.

On doing a little research, you just might find other golfers that are better bets than your chosen favourite.

Just bear all of the above in mind before doing any golf betting.

In conclusion, Golf is a great sport to play, watch and bet on.

Use some of these tips we have given you and begin betting on golf during the next tournament.

Enjoy your Golf Betting!