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Having a good cricket betting strategy and a few handy tips will improve your chances of betting successfully online with cricket, it is also important to do some research into the sport of Cricket if you are not already an avid cricket fan.

Watching Cricket games on television, online and reading articles written about upcoming matches, is a wonderful way to educate yourself and get up to speed on who the best current cricket teams and players are.

The information gained will come in very handy when you place your cricket bet.

The odds provided by your chosen cricket sports book will also help you in finding the favorites by the odds given.

Here are a few handy Cricket betting tips;

Cricket Team Form

Knowing about a cricket teams performance in their most recent past matches is the best way of predicting their immediate future performance.

Winners tend to continue winning, just as losing cricket teams find it difficult to break out of a loosing streak.

Betting against the current top cricket team trends may be tempting because the odds are high, but the lucky payouts rarely cover the losses.

Stay Focused

There are a great many cricket betting markets. Bet only on those that are familiar, well understood and thoroughly researched.

Avoid speculative cricket bets.

Decide on the type of cricket bets you are going to make and the maximum amount you are going to risk in advance of each match. If you are at all unsure, don’t bet.

One Day Internationals

ODIs can be a great place to hone your cricket betting skills.

A large amount of statistical information is readily available for determining form, team trends and how venues affect cricket play.

Draws are not a factor in Match Betting and all results are known immediately.

Test Cricket

The stability of team and player form makes this a useful opportunity for betting on series outcomes, top run scorers, and other popular betting cricket markets.

Consider playing the underdog rather than backing the favourite, especially when the match-up seems particularly one-sided.

In-Play Cricket Betting

As much fun as it can be to have a stake in every over, ball-by-ball betting is chancy. Wagers on Next Batsman Out, Method of Next Dismissal, Runs Off Next Ball, etc. have a very low probability of success. .

Be judicious in making live cricket bets. Stick to markets that can be predicted with data history, and not those based on intuition or gut emotion

Lastly, copy the Bookmakers

before you login to a Sportsbook to see what odds are being offered on an upcoming match, study the information you have and try to predict what the odds should be yourself.

Compare your cricket notes with the bookmaker’s odds and see how closely they match. Where you find a big difference, try to work out why. Become good at odds making and true opportunities to win will almost immediately present themselves.

We have given you some good insight into cricket betting strategy and some useful betting tips. So, if you’re ready to bet online go to our page on the cricket betting sportsbook sites and place your cricket bet.